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Most cars and other motor vehicles operate on fossil fuels like petrol, diesel and the combustion process of these fuels in the vehicle engine, causes atmospheric pollution. The supply of these fossil fuels is limited, so increasingly companies are focussing on using biofuels which are derived from plants which are grown commercially and then harvested, processed to extract oil for vehicles

While crude oil and coal is formed after centuries of decay, and are available only in select areas of the world, the advantage of using biofuels is that almost anyone can grow the plant used for producing the biofuel if the weather is suitable, The time taken to harvest a particular plant will be less than a few years in most cases . Depending on the demand for the biofuel , the number of plants grown can be adjusted and some other kind of plants can be grown.

Jatropha is one of the most popular plants which has been promoted as biofuel. Though jatropha as a petrol alternative was extremely popular a few years ago with several companies offering jatropha seeds and jatropha related consultancy, the coverage of jatropha as a biofuel has reduced in the mainstream indian media to a very great extent . This could be related to the decline in crude oil prices

Most of the vehicles are designed for use with conventional fossil fuels like petrol, diesel. If the vehicles are to be used with biofuels like jatropha some changes may be required in the design of the engine and internal combustion engine. These customized changes in the vehicle can be extremely expensive and most people do not appear to be interested in experimenting at a high cost .

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