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Ecofriendly travel includes travel methods which do not generate pollutants into the atmosphere. Most of the vehicles that operate on the roads in cities worldwide either use petrol or diesel, and combustion of these fuels releases carbon dioxide and other pollutants into the atmosphere. The pollutants released depend on the design of the vehicle and model. The effect of these pollutants varies depending on the location of city, weather conditions and other factors. The air pollution is relatively less in coastal areas because of the sea breeze which will carry away some of the pollutants, in inland cities like Delhi, the pollution can cause smog, lower visibility in winter and a lot of health related problems

While there are a lot of opportunities in large cities, the air is highly polluted and can cause respiratory problems for people who travel a lot. The health problems may not be very obvious during the day, however at night, a person has spent a lot of time travelling in the city, may wake up gasping for breath at night. In western countries and china the leaders realize the problems caused by air pollution and efforts are made to introduce eco friendly or green travel methods. For example large cities have separate cycling lanes, while in some places in India , footpaths are non existent.

Over the last few decades, a large number of ecofriendly travel methods have been developed by companies and the government to reduce the air pollution caused by the vehicles. In addition to causing air pollution, the fossil fuels like crude oil, coal are likely to depleted in the next few centuries, so large companies are investing a large amount of money and resources in developing eco friendly vehicles,fuels and transportation systems especially in western countries, Japan.

Till the industrial revolution in the 18th century, most work was done manually and the pollution caused was minimal as there was relatively less combustion of fuels. People would either walk from one place to another or use a animal driven mode of transport like a horse, which were ecofriendly . With the development and large scale production of the motorized vehicles like cars, travel time reduced, however pollution levels also increased, especially in areas with a high population density like large cities

In addition to causing air pollution, using private vehicles to travel from one place to another also increases the number of vehicles on the road. In countries like india, where the roads are poorly maintained and have potholes, especially during the monsoon, this results in traffic jams which further increase air pollution levels. In a traffic jam, the vehicle driver has to reduce his or her speed to a speed far below the optimum level, start and stop the vehicle repeatedly increasing the fuel consumed. Hence there is an increased emphasis on using ecofriendly public transport systems like trains which largely operate on electricity, reducing the requirement for fossil fuels which cause more pollution. .
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