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Combustion of fossil fuels like petrol, diesel, coal will always cause some amount of environmental and air pollution, so increasingly electric vehicles are being developed as an alternative to petrol and diesel powered vehicles. These electric vehicles usually have a battery which has to be charged and when the vehicle is being used, the energy stored in the battery is used when the vehicle is being used. The distance the vehicle can travel depends to a very great extent on the capacity of the battery. Most of vehicles available use a 240 V domestic powerpoint for charging the battery

In countries which do not have fuel reserves and import crude oil like India, many companies like Mahindra have developed and introduced different models of electric vehicles. A large amount of money has been invested in developing an electric car, however there are relatively few users of these cars compared to conventional petrol, diesel powered cars on the roads in India today. There are also a number of manufacturers of other electric vehicles like electric rickshaw, electric scooter, however these electric vehicle supplies do not get much coverage in the indian media today and the manufacturers are relatively small companies

One of the reasons for the low demand for electric vehicles in India remains the lack of awareness of these vehicles . While most major brands have large showrooms and advertise extensively on television and print media, there is almost no major electric vehicle brand which is advertising extensively online or getting media coverage. Occasionally specialist magazines on ecofriendly technologies, vehicles may review the electric vehicles, however it remains difficult for a customer to find a local dealer of these vehicles for testing and purchasing the vehicle, especially in small towns. Recently a electric rickshaw manufacturer was interested in appointing dealers in goa area.

In large metro cities, some of the electic vehicle suppliers have their own showroom. Due to the weight of the battery, these vehicles may be heavier than conventional vehicles, especially scooters, making it difficult for those who are not very strong physically to move or manipulate these vehicles. Another major problem which could affect the usage of these scooters is the lack of service centers, as most auto mechanics are not familiar with these vehicles and may not be able to quickly repair these vehicles, or find suitable spares for the vehicles .

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