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Though earlier models of trains used fossil fuels, today most of the trains are operating on electricity in large metro cities and busy train routes. Though trains are the ecofriendly as the electricity does not cause any kind of atmospheric pollution, a large amount of investment will be required initially to run a train between any two places. Compared to the cost involved in making a tar or concrete road, the time and money required for laying railway tracks will be far higher

The construction of a railway station in any area, improves the local economy as it remains the cheapest and most ecofriendly mode of land transport. Local companies can use the rail network for sending and receiving items to distant places at a relatively low cost. Hence the railway ministry is lucrative and often rail ministers will announce new trains and railway stations in their home state and political constituency

Like all public transport, the financial and environmental cost of using a train will be far lower than a vehicle like a car . Additionally since there are a large number of vehicles on the road, there are likely to be traffic jams which can delay the vehicle, increasing the time taken to reach a particular place. The traffic jams will worsen when weather conditions are hostile like heavy monsoons which can cause waterlogging, low visibility due to fog and accidents. Additionally there are a large number of traffic signals where the vehicle is forced to stop, increasing the fuel usage and air pollution.

In areas where the number of passengers is relatively less like konkan railway in karnataka for some trains from mangalore, the trains are using coal and the smoke produced is visible to passengers. However the engine of the train will be changed at some point in the journey, a process which will take some time.The engine is usually changed at a major railway station along the route, usually Margao for trains from Mangalore to Mumbai. However it appears that an attempt is being made to ensure that the electric engines can be used on the entire railway route

Travel by train is ecofriendly because of the large number of passengers in a single train. Usually a train sleeper compartment will have seats for 72 passengers, though in metro cities, there are usually far more passengers crowded in the train during the peak hours, especially the ladies compartment. In contrast many of the car owners are the only person in their vehicle when they are driving and they are mainly using the vehicle because it is extremely convenient for them. The time taken for train travel is usually far less than other modes of transport because of the high speed of the train, and the cost of a train ticket for short distances is usually a fraction of the cost of travel using a hired car. .

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