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Though in small towns like panaji, goa, individuals who walk and do not drive a vehicle are ridiculed, denied opportunities they deserved, by the arrogant intolerant intelligence and security agencies, walking remains the most ecofriendly way of travelling from one place to another. Additionally walking is a form of exercise very good for health, especially for older individuals who are fit enough to do other forms of exercise like running or aerobics. The distance covered depends to a large extent on the walking speed and fitness levels of the walker.

Though walking can be a very convenient and ecofriendly way of reach a particular place, causing zero air pollution, there are several hazards faced by those who walk. One of the biggest problems is the regressive attitude of security agencies who regard ownership of vehicle especially a car to be a status symbol . In large cities, people are far more tolerant of those who use the public transport system and do not own a car, in small towns the harassment and discrimination of those who are not vehicle owners is openly observed.

While middle aged and elderly people may go for a walk in the morning or evening for exercise in the well maintained areas of the city , in many cities the poor infrastructure makes walking from one place to another difficult. Often there are no footpaths for pedestrians to walk or the footpath will be covered with garbage, gardening supplies, weeds, branches of trees. In many places of Panaji, there is no footpath for pedestrians to walk, the roads are also partly filled with water, especially during the monsoon, forcing the pedestrian to walk on the road, which is extremely dangerous,

Rash car and other drivers are also a major hazard to those who prefer to walk from one place to another. Since driving a vehicle is considered to be a status symbol in small towns like panaji, many of the vehicle drivers are underage or very young and tend to ignore the traffic rules. They also are overspeeding the vehicles and there are very few traffic police to monitor these rash drivers and penalize them for overspeeding and breaking traffic rules. So people walking to reach their destination, have to be extremely alert to notice these rash drivers and take suitable precautions to avoid them,

It is always advisable to walk when the roads are less crowded as it will be safer and the pollution levels are lower. It also advisable to wear comfortable footwear and clothes. Footwear which will cushion the feet like sports shoes are recommended. While there are many sports shoes and walking, jogging shoes available for men, the sports and walking shoes available for women remains limited. Most of the shoes available do not cushion the feet of the woman walker well, especially during the monsoon .

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