As modern society becomes increasingly materialistic, more waste is being generated, dirtying the cities and other places. Some of the different kinds of waste which are generated are :
Paper - newspaper, magazines, notebooks, xerox paper
Plastic - bags, bottles
Metal - aluminium, steel, iron, copper, brass
Glass bottles, containers
Waste Clothes, bags and accessories
Electronic waste, mobiles, batteries
Food waste
Agricultural, horticultural waste
Construction, industrial waste
Biomedical and other waste

Increasingly citizens who try to reuse the waste are criminally defamed by security agencies who make fake allegations against them. For example, the domain investor is keeping some items in her house for recycling, especially since there are many pests in her house. yet if she keeps scrap paper and similar materials, some hyperactive people are raiding all the scrap due to fake allegations being made

This tendency not to reuse waste has led to major issues in garbage disposal, with the fire at the Sonsoddo garbage dump in Margao in May 2019, being a classic example of the problems caused

Untill powerful government officials keep an open mind garbage disposal will be a major problem in large cities

At present, the government employees are extremely intolerant, refuse to look at other options and do not tolerate anyone who is deviating from their expectations, who does not conform .

A huge amount of indian tax payer money is wasted by cruel corrupt officials to torture a harmless citizen with radiation weapons,. Then the cruel cunning ntro officials who are initiating the torture will then ridicule the person torturing for earning very little, not revealing the fact that they are wasting $18000 of indian tax payer money monthly for the last 6 years to torture a harmless single woman engineer because google, tata are bribing these corrupt gigolo type ntro, security agency officials. Can these NTRO officials FREELANCING FOR GOOGLE, TATA provide a list of how many other indian citizens they are torturing daily for the last 6 years using microwave weapons, memory reading, voice to skull, costing $18000 monthly , before they ridicule their torture victim

The engineer is confident that less than 100 harmless indian citizens are tortured wasting so much indian tax payer money for more than 6 years and openly challenges the ntro officials, especially in goa , to defend their microwave radiation torture of a harmless indian citizen in an open debate

For more details or if any clarifications are needed send an email to info@textads.in
. Though extremely powerful google, tata, ntro, raw, cbi officials are making fake claims, kindly note that no indian intelligence employee is associated with the website in any, as they are least interested in investing any money online or doing any work. Due to the complete lack of corporate ethics of google, officials continue with their online fraud of making fake claims about website ownership, as google allegedly bribes these officials directly or indirectly

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